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Giancarlo Monsalve Leyton :
(Giancarlo Monsalve) is globally recognized as one of the most important, versatile and secure leading lirico spinto tenors of his generation, performing the most demanding Operas in the major Stages around the World. Many of these performances have been broadcasted by Radio, TV stations and Cinemas.
Since his absolute debut in the 2006 season of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Italy: Giancarlo Monsalve has been invited as Leading Tenor guest at the Zurich Opera House; Regio of Turin; the Arena di Verona; the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in London, Nice Opera; Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich; National Opera of Greece; Washington National Opera; Sferisterio of Macerata; The Dallas Opera; Teatro Nacional de São Carlos in Lisbon; Dijon; Angers-Nantes; Lausanne; Festival of Solothurn; Avenches Festival; Wielki Opera of Warsaw; Deutsche Oper am Rhein; Cologne Opera; Hannover; Leipzig; NCPA National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai; Teatro Municipal de Santiago in Chile; the Hong Kong Opera; Royal Opera House of the Sultanate of Oman in Muscat; Seoul Arts Center; among others.

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Recent performances :
2019 La Forza del Destino at Teatro Municipal de Santiago in Chile, Carmen at the Seoul Arts Center.
2018 Carmen at he Hong Kong Opera, Carmen at the National Opera of Albania in Tirana, and a Gala Tour in Australia with the Melbourne Orchestra.

Early life and studies
Born in the Chilean city Valparaíso, where he began his studies of fine arts at the School of "Bellas Artes", Monsalve began his musical studies in 2001 at the Conservatory Izidor Handler Viña del Mar with soprano Nora Lopez Von Vriessen and tenor Mario Barrientos. Since 2004, Monsalve continues to improve his technique in Italy with soprano Mirella Freni and bass Leodino Ferri, on the path of Ettore Campogalliani and Arturo Melocchi school. Monsalve had masterclasses with with soprano Montserrat Caballé and tenors Gianfranco Cecchele, Corneliu Murgu, Lando Bartolini, Dano Raffanti and Nicola Martinucci. He has been scenically trained with actor and Chilean director Juan Edmundo González del Valle and Hollywood Stars Coach Bernard Hiller.

Monsalve has worked with conductors such as: Patrick Fournillier; Yves Abel; Nayden Todorov; Riccardo Muti; Carlo Rizzi; Paolo Carignani; Xian Zhang; Antonello Allemandi; Oleg Caetani; Julian Kovatchev; Roberto Rizzi Brignoli; Carlo Montanaro; Jean-Yves Ossonce; Frank Beermann.
He has also worked with stage directors such as: Hugo De Ana; Francesca Zambello; Jean-Romain Vesperini; Patrice Caurier et Moshe Leiser; Giancarlo del Monaco; Gianni Quaranta; Peter Konwitschny; Lorenzo Mariani; Mario de Carlo; Gianfranco de Bosio; Liliana Cavani; Garnett Bruce; Alberto Triola; Stephen Langridge; Carlos Wagner.

Awards and Honors
● (Honor)
・ On August 11, 2010 the Government of Chile together with the city of Valparaíso have named Giancarlo Monsalve as Cultural Ambassador conferring him the UNESCO Medal.
● (Award)
・ On December 6, 2015 the Mascagnian Committee of Bagnara di Romagna, awarded Giancarlo Monsalve with the 35th Golden Mascagni.
● (Nomination)
・ In June 2016 Giancarlo Monsalve was one of 22 nominated by the Broadway World Magazine and the Dallas Opera for the prize (Maria Callas Artist of the Year 2016) for his Mario Cavaradosi in the Opera Tosca. The award was finally delivered to the mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato

Cinema, Radio and TV
● (Cinema)
・ On July 15, 2015 Giancarlo Monsalve made his debut in cinemas of the whole European continent with Live Streaming of the Opera Carmen and from December 2015 projected in the major cinemas of the world.
● (Radio and TV)
・ Giancarlo Monsalve was featured in some of the most important World television and radio programs and shows, with personal interviews, news, concerts and complete operas.

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Vocal Technique

There are no limits to learn

First of all you have to know from where it comes the legacy of your knowledge, and the results of who gave you this legacy to later make one on your own.
Your goals have to be always unreachably high, because if you have reachable goals, once you're on the Top you can only start your fall, but if it is unreachable, you can just go higher and higher. That's why I love Arts in general, there are no limits. Giancarlo.

The press said

❝ The admirable technique of Monsalve, a technique from the old school that allows him to prop his vocal emission firmly to build a vibrant sound, ample, safe and that runs with brightness, despite its natural baritone dark accents. This is a true spinto Tenor, from a good school, with timbral flashes of ilk singers as Mario Del Monaco and with full awareness of his instrument and what he can achieve with it, giving him a personal identity that seeks no imitation. by José Noé Mercado MEXICO ❞ / ❝ Monsalve collects the expressive force of some reference Otellos to draw his own: the animality and torment of Ramon Vinay, the strength and sonorous brilliance of Mario Del Monaco (with that steady emission and blade cutting sonorous trebles) and the scenic ductility of Plácido Domingo. by José Luis Arredondo CHILE ❞ / ❝ Giancarlo Monsalve, whose voice of strength left to underlie an acquired technique skill of the Italian traditional school (Del Monaco. Cecchele, Corelli) But capable of precious mezze voici by Aldo Mattina ITALY ❞


In the eternal study and research of the "Arte Canora" Monsalve studied with

Nicola Martinucci

Italian Tenor former student of Marcello Del Monaco.
Monsalve studied with Martinucci in Rome, Milan and Taranto, Italy from 2009 until 2015.

Gianfranco Cecchele

Italian Tenor former student of Mario and Marcello Del Monaco
Monsalve studied with Cecchele in Galliera Veneta, Italy in 2011, between his performances in ROH in London and Arena di Verona.

Corneliu Murgu

Romanian Tenor former student of Mario Del Monaco
Monsalve studied with Murgu in Timisoara, Romania in 2010 between his performances of Tosca.

Leodino Ferri

Italian Bass. One of the last direct former students of Maestro Arturo Melocchi.
Monsalve learned the Melocchi method with Ferri in Rome, Italy in 2009.

Montserrat Caballé

Spanish Soprano, former student of the Wagnerian Singer Eugenia Kemeny who has teached her the superb "Fiato" technique that made her famous in the world.
Monsalve studied with Caballé in a Masterclass in Zaragoza, Spain in 2009.

Giancarlo Del Monaco

Italian Regisseur, son of the legendary Tenor Mario Del Monaco.
(This is a special mention); In 2008 Giancarlo Del Monaco heard Monsalve in his debut of Luisa Miller in Leipzig, Germany.
After that G. Del Monaco decided to give Monsalve a few tips with some of the secrets of his father and strongly adviced Monsalve to study with Leodino Ferri and follow the Melocchi school that made his father one of the bigest Tenors in history.

Lando Bartolini

Italian Tenor former student of the MET Bass Nicola Moscona.
Monsalve studied with Bartolini in Tuscany, Italy in 2007.

Dano Raffanti

Italian Tenor former student of the famous musicologist, critic and voice teacher Rodolfo Celletti.
Monsalve studied with Raffanti in Pisa, Italy from 2006 until 2007.

Mirella Freni

Italian Soprano former student of Ettore Campogalliani
"Campogalliani was also teacher of Renata Tebaldi, Luciano Pavarotti, Renata Scotto, Ferruccio Furlanetto and Ruggero Raimondi"
Monsalve studied with Freni in her academy in Emilia Romagna, Italy, giving him the first Nicolai Ghiaurov Scholarship in 2004 and 2005

Mario Barrientos

Chilean Tenor former student of the Tenor Carlos Santelices.
Monsalve studied with Barrientos in Vina Del Mar, Chile in 2002 and 2003

Nora Lopez Von Vriessen

Chilean Soprano former student of the Legendary Sopranos Gina Cigna and Maria Caniglia.
Monsalve studied with Lopez Von Vriessen in Vina del Mar and Santiago, Chile from the 2001 till 2003

The press said

❝ He was very good at showing his trembling emotions with the finest techniques that let him sing from fortissimo to pianissimo. by Park Sun-young SOUTH KOREA ❞ / ❝ Giancarlo Monsalve, with high stage presence, clear phrasing and smooth timbre richly nuanced, has sung involved in passion. Singer with proven technical skills and interpretive revived the fibrillating emotions of Cavaradossi up to the killing of this. by Renzo Bellardone ITALY ❞ / ❝ Chilean tenor Giancarlo Monsalve delivers a full-throated and testosterone-laden Don José in the tradition of singers like Mario del Monaco. by Peter Gordon HONG KONG ❞ / ❝ Giancarlo Monsalve. He is an excellent Pollione, with a strong, virile, bronze-like tenor with high Italianate coloring in abundance. He has an enviably easy vocal power by Greg Stepanich USA ❞ / ❝ With his singing spoke freely, revealing musicality and good taste using many pianissimo, and mezzavoce. by Cyril Veselago Кирилл Веселаго RUSSIA ❞

Acting Skills

You can not just play a character, you have to live it and feel it!

It is impossible to transmit emotions if you do not feel them (Logically keeping your consciousness of the real world). If you live your character on stage, the audience will feel it and forget that they are watching an opera and they will feel part of that parallel world that we bring to life on stage. That's the difference between performer and artist. Trying to give emotions without feeling them, is like trying to give money to someone when you have no money. Giancarlo.

The press said

❝ The so-called "Moor of Venice", Otello, perfectly played by the Chilean tenor Giancarlo Monsalve, loved, hated and suffered, managing to share his feelings with the audience that filled the theater. After the end of the opera the audience applauded for long minutes by Daniela Bueno CHILE ❞ / ❝ Giancarlo Monsalve, triumphant success. Even purely from an external ideal personification he possesses, the young tenor is a perfect performer. Theatrically, he made the inner conflict, from the conservative soldiers to the powered, desperate lover impressively traceable. During the performance he was showered with bravos, as the final applause. A tenor of world class, which you need to hear! by Claus Brandt GERMANY ❞ / ❝ His José was by far the best that I've ever heard live. He makes the development from the conservative sergeant to the madness of the lover corroded by the contempt tremendously clear. His Flower Song (with piano!) Was built incredibly thrilling and damn clever. For this purpose, he was a highly great performer. A great career in the dramatic spinto specialist should be nothing in the way! by Michaela Koch & Anke Hartmann GERMANY ❞


Giancarlo Monsalve was trained in acting by

Bernard Hiller

American acting teacher, producer, writer, and success coach.
Bernard has coached Cameron Diaz, Billy Crystal, Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Garner, Chace Crawford and many others
Monsalve studied with Hiller in Rome, Italy, in 2013

Juan Edmundo Gonzalez del Valle

Chilean Actor and Theatre Director.
One of the pioneers of Chilean street theater in the 80's.
Monsalve studied with Juan Edmundo Gonzalez in Valparaíso, Chile, in 1995.

The press said

❝ The Moorish that interprets the tenor born in Valparaiso, Giancarlo Monsalve, reflects all the atavistic animality of the character and, at the same time, its defenselessness before the intrigue of the envious, and power hungry, Iago. by José Luis Arredondo CHILE ❞ / ❝ Chilean tenor Giancarlo Monsalve with an exceptional voice and acting abilities - said before the premier, "at times I got goosebumps from the beauty of music and emotion". by Asta Andrikonytė LITHUANIA ❞ / ❝ In the character of Don José, the handsome tenor Chilean Giancarlo Monsalve found biunique harmony between enamel of timbre and acting. by Maurizio Sesto Giordano ITALY ❞ / ❝ Monsalve has a fine big voice, a very handsome presence and is a fine actor. by Cecilia Xuereb MALTA ❞ / ❝ Giancarlo Monsalve in the role of Turiddu, with beautiful stage presence, no doubt he has a high quality material, good stage instincts and the role of the lover and passionate Latin it fits like a glove. by Mirko Bertolini ITALY ❞ / ❝ Monsalve delivered acting in spades, giving us a sexy and then tormented Alvaro. by Greg Marzullo USA ❞