Direct technical heritage of: Manuel Garcia / Melocchi / Campogalliani / Del Monaco

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About my singing Method, the Monsalve Leyton Method ™

The effectiveness of this singing method is proven with the results of extraordinary vocal improvement in my own singing and in my students since the pandemic started on 2019, as you can see in the videos that I publish, my technique and vocal range grew enormously from having a chest C#5 as a maximum note to an incredible Eb5 with all the harmonics of my voice, keep in mind that I am a Lirico Spinto Tenor. (Imagine if I would have developed and applied this Method a few years ago during my career) Anyway, I built this method with everything I have learned directly from great masters and my own experiences in my world career.

All my students now have C#5 as their minimum high note, whether they are Baritones, Mezzo sopranos, Tenors and Sopranos. I love to see their surprise when they reach notes they dreamed of! two of my Tenors students already reach the F5 and one to the incredible G5 with CHEST! and they are not light tenors. An Eb5 for a soprano with my method becomes normal, a D5 for a Mezzo Soprano as well. Giancarlo Monsalve.

The blending, correct use and combination of the fundamental methods, mecanics and techniques of the Vecchia Scuola as the Garcia School, the Melocchi Method and the Ettore Campogalliani School gave life to the Monsalve Leyton Method ™

The Monsalve Leyton Method™ is formed directly by three of the most important singing schools in history. Giancarlo Monsalve is a direct connection line of the legenrady "Vecchia Scuola di Canto" inherited and passed on from generation to generation.

Here a resumed version about the methods and techniques that Giancarlo Monsalve will teach you to master: Monsalve is a direct 4th Generation of the Manuel Garcia School that influenced the voice and powerful high notes of Giacomo Lauri-Volpi who learned this method with his wife who was a student of the Manuel Garcia School. Monsalve learned this Method directly from his very first teacher, Nora Lopez Von Briessen, 3rd Generation of the Garcia School.

Monsalve is also a direct 2nd generation of the Arturo Melocchi Method School, following the advices of Giancarlo Del Monaco, Monsalve learned the real Melocchi Method in Rome with Leodino Ferri, direct student of Melocchi and a very good friend of Mario Del Monaco.

Monsalve studied also with 2 fabulous Sopranos, Montserrat Caballé, learning her techniques of breathing support - that by the way are a big confirmation of the Garcia teachings about “(respirazione e supporto diaframmatico-intercostale)” - and with Mirella Freni, becoming a second generation of the Ettore Campogalliani school.

Campogalliani was also teacher of Reanata Tebaldi and Luciano Pavarotti among other fabulous singers.

After Maestro Ferri passed away Monsalve continued to learn the Melocchi Method with students of Del Monaco: Nicola Martinucci, Gianfranco Cecchele and Corneliu Murgu, becoming a direct second generation of the Melocchi/Del Monaco School.

The Monsalve Leyton Method™ All Rights Reserved.