• NEWS 2019
    the force of destiny
    Giancarlo Monsalve, masculine symbol of the lyric voices of the present,
    and whose belcantist voice was coupled with the heroic and romantic musical motifs of a beautiful score in itself
    By Luis Felipe Sauvalle Published on 17.4.2019
  • NEWS 2019
    the force of destiny
    The debut in this theater of the Chilean tenor Giancarlo Monsalve is auspicious.
    And he does it in a big way, with a role adjusted to his spinto lyric timbre
    that dashing with power towards the dramatic, without neglecting the most lyrical aspects of Don Alvaro.
    By José Luis Arredondo Published on 16.4.2019

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  • This is a true spinto Tenor, from a good school, with timbral flashes of ilk singers as Mario Del Monaco and with full awareness of his instrument and what he can achieve with it, giving him a personal identity that seeks no imitation.
    José Noé Mercado
    Pro Opera Magazine
  • Monsalve collects the expressive force of some reference Otellos to draw his own: the animality and torment of a Ramon Vinay, the strength and sonorous brilliance of a Mario Del Monaco (with that steady emission and blade cutting sonorous trebles) and the scenic ductility of A Plácido Domingo.
    José Luis Arredondo A.
  • The Don José of the young Chilean tenor Giancarlo Monsalve, whose voice of strength left to underlie an acquired technique skill of the Italian traditional school (Del Monaco. Cecchele, Corelli) But capable of precious mezze voici.
    Aldo Mattina
    I Vespiri
  • Giancarlo Monsalve showed off the coaching he has received in Italy by opening up and knocking out treacherous high notes consistently, throughout the evening.
    Laura Genero
    The American Spectator
  • Mr. Monsalve displayed a smooth, flexible tenor range, capable of achieving significant volume against the orchestra’s romantic surges. His diction remained superb and as he accurately hit each top note.
    Terry Ponick
    The Washington Times
  • Nearly six feet high, with an athletic physique and a spectacular sensual look, Monsalve is nothing but a typical Tenor. Without doubt, the singer has a very high quality material, good sense of the scene and partnership. Add to this, its dark and deep voice, with a dense center and a bright top, soon realize that a tenor like this can be an unbeatable advantage for many theaters.
    Cyril Veselago Кирилл Веселаго
    Opera News
  • His José was by far the best that I've ever heard live. He makes the development from the conservative sergeant to the madness of the lover corroded by the contempt tremendously clear. His Flower Song (with piano!) Was built incredibly thrilling and damn clever.
    Michaela Koch & Anke Hartmann
  • The Chilean tenor Giancarlo Monsalve. He is an excellent Pollione, with a strong, virile, bronze-like tenor with high Italianate coloring in abundance. He has an enviably easy vocal power, and he is a handsome man who was quite persuasive as an enemy to whom two women would defect.
    Greg Stepanich
    Palmbeach Arts Paper